What should I expect at the new patient examination?


A:  You will find the experience at our office to be different that most.  

First, before your appointment please consider downloading the information form from this website to save you time and enable you to provide your medical and dental history information at home where you can take your time and fill in the details of medications and issues both past and present.  Upon arrival at the office you will find that there will not be any long waiting time to see the Doctor and will find every member of the dental staff to be friendly and personable.  We are interested in you and how we can be of service to help you meet your dental health needs.  You will meet Dr Kosoris right away and he and one of the dental assistants will begin the examination with a review of your health information provided on the form and any relevant details of medical, medication, and dental history.  After this conversation, the actual examination will consist of noting past dental restorations, present conditions of the teeth and soft tissues, oral cancer screening, and evaluation of jaw joint function and occlusion (the "bite" and fit of the teeth during function).  The doctor will perform full periodontal probing which details the condition of the gums, measuring 6 data points around each tooth, and evaluating the teeth for bone loss, mobility, bleeding of the tissues from infection, and any other clues providing insight to gauge the health of the gums.  This is a lot of information but is gathered very efficiently.  Dr. Jeff will then determine the appropriate x-ray images to fully inspect the bone, jaw joints, and teeth which will be obtained by our new and state-of-the-art digital x-ray equipment which comfortably obtains the images in nearly all instances with no films going into the mouth.  Once the images are obtained, Dr. Jeff will "put all the pieces together" and review any conditions needing some treatment to correct a given problem and provide options for you to consider.  Any cosmetic concerns will also be discussed.  Most of the time a plan of treatment, if needed, will be determined at that time but at times treatment may need to be phased, a specialist may need to be consulted, or Dr. Jeff may need some time to do further study.  Sometimes molds of the teeth will be needed to enable him to do a more complete diagnosis or to construct a "mock-up" of a potential solution or cosmetic correction.  In situations like this a return visit for further consultation and decision making will be scheduled.

Do I get my teeth cleaned at the first appointment?

A:  We try to accomodate a patient's request to have a cleaning at the same visit as the new patient examination when we can, depending on  appointment time availability for the Doctor and the Hygienist.  Please understand that when we schedule in this way, having never met you, we have no idea if there are gum disease issues requiring further treatment beyond initial cleaning, or if a "simple" cleaning, also called a prophylaxis, is all that you will need, indicating an healthy situation.  When further treatment for gum disease is needed, and if we have scheduled the cleaning for the same day, we will certainly do initial therapy to begin the gum disease treatment, or if appropriate, the treatment of the deeper gum disease may be started.

A Word About Sterilization

Our instruments are first scrubbed with an anti-bacterial soap, then placed in an ultrasonic chemical bath followed by a pressurized heat sterilizer (autoclave) which in turn is tested weekly by an OSHA approved laboratory.

Jeff Kosoris, DDS, FAGD

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