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Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns allow complete coverage of a tooth that is not intact enough to be treated with a porcelain veneer. The crowns restore strength and stability to teeth with very large fillings, cavities, breakage and other problems. The crowns may be entirely made of porcelain or if ultimate strength is desired in back teeth there may be a metal lining under the porcelain or for the very back teeth the crown may be made of gold or white gold.

Missing, broken, decayed and stained teeth were restored with porcelain crowns across the front six teeth

The upper teeth of this patient were restored with porcelain crowns, eliminating spaces, wear and long looking teeth creating a pleasing and natural smile and symmetry

Malformed and malpositioned teeth in this case were restored with a non-removable bridge consisting of crowns connected together to solve a major problem for this young man, filling in missing teeth and reshaping the others

Extremely worn, short and discolored teeth were restored with full precelain crowns

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