2013 was a very busy year for Dr. Kosoris as he attended numerous courses covering a wide spectrum of dental procedures in order stay as current as possible and bring the latest in treatment and efficiency to his patients. During the year he earned an amazing 94 hours of continuing education (Texas requires 12 hours per year). The courses covered the following areas:oral surgery, implants, special patient care, CPR recertification, prosthetics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, facial pain therapy, treatment of sleep apnea with dental appliances, and an especially heavy emphasis on: cosmetic dentistry, complex problem treatment, placement of mini­implants, and three days of surgical implant placement. Not included in credit hours are hundreds of hours spent reading dental journals, checking online instructional videos, and evaluating new materials before they are brought into production for a dental manufacturer and evaluating products in the marketplace for Dental Product Shopper, a trade journal that rates various materials and equipment for the profession.


Dr Kosoris attended two more days of continuing education with emphasis on the following subjects:  Root Canal Therapy, Facial Pain treatment, Occlusal (bite) therapy, complex treatment planning and treatment of complex cases.  Additional seminars covered digital denture fabrication, advanced cosmetic cases, bone preservation surgical techniques, tissue preservation surgery, technical advances in imaging and their clinical applications.  

Dr Kosoris completed the Laser Training Certification course from the Advanced Laser Training Institute.  The course covered all aspects of diode laser therapy, used for soft tissue applications, as well as the physics and safety issues related to laser use.  There are many applications for laser treatment that replace older methods of therapy, and laser usage is kinder to tissue, stimulates faster healing, requires less time, and offers minimal discomfort.  Particularly exciting is laser treatment for gum disease, which can heal gum "pockets" by eliminating bacteria and diseased tissue, allowing the gum to reattach to the tooth and return to health.

Additionally, Dr. Kosoris spent two days with the Center for Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry in Dallas.  The course focused on Mini Dental Implant treatment and bone grafting.  The sixteen hours of lecture and participation included osseous surgery, surgical and reconstructive phases of treatment, implant maintenance, and clinical diagnosis.  While Dr Kosoris has been utilizing mini implants for some time, there are always new developments in materials and procedures offering more opportunities to help those with missing teeth or people in need of denture stabilization.

Dr. Kosoris attended the Southwest Dental Conference in Dallas, a major regional meeting providing continuing education and exhibits of dental equipment and materials.  The courses he took over 2 days included: oral surgery, advanced suturing techniques for surgery and facial trauma, dental appliances for sleep disturbances such as sleep apnea and snoring, and the latest developments in ceramics for restorative treatment.  Dr Kosoris averages 75 hours of continuing education  each year to stay abreast of the latest developments in techniques and materials in dentistry.

Dental appliances for sleep apnea are particularly relevant as a large percentage of the population suffers from sleep disturbances which have been linked to a wide variety of conditions such as fibromyalgia, heart disease, and many others.  Appliances for sleep apnea and snoring enable people to eliminate having to sleep with bulky, noisy CPAP machines.  Studies show that over 80% of apnea patients quit using CPAP devices on their own as they are difficult to tolerate, leaving them with no treatment for this potentially life-threatening condition.



Dr. Kosoris recently spent 2 full days at a continuing education meeting in Dallas with the Center for Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry.  The program was a state of the art update in treatment of facial pain, and included in-depth presentations on treating jaw joint (TMJ) problems, restoring bite problems, and many other "parts of the puzzle" in treating head and neck pain.  The program also featured treatment of sleep disorders for snoring and sleep apnea with dental appliances, enabling many patients to avoid having to sleep with CPAP machines.  Dr. Kosoris is a teaching assistant with the CARD group.

Jeff Kosoris, DDS, FAGD


For the sixth  year in a row Dr Kosoris has  been recognized by Texas Monhtly Magazine as a "Super Dentist" in December 2013.  The designation has nothing to do with advertising, but is awarded based on a survey of licensed dentists in Texas asking, "If you needed a dentist, which one would you choose?"  Dr. Jeff was voted in on both the general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry categories.  The award also takes into account research by Key Professional Media into involvement in civic and community affairs.

The start of 2014   marks a high tech change at the office with implementation of digital radiography (x-rays) using the latest generation of equipment that replaces film and chemical developing.  The amount of x-ray radiation needed to obtain the image is also greatly reduced while providing improved diagnostic quality.  Due to the nature of our machine, almost all pictures can be obtained without any sensors having to go into the mouth!  The exception to this would be for specific single tooth views in certain instances.  Acceptance of the new technology has been 100% positive with our patients!

Dr Kosoris still serves Hope Clinic in Waxahachie as Board Chairman and spoke at the Clinic's fall fundraising and informational dinner.  The very successful event drew over 400 attendees and updated them on the role Hope Clinic plays in the overall delivery of health care in Ellis County and the phenomenal growth in services and number of patient visits.

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