Dr. Kosoris’ Philosophy On Dentistry

Dr. Kosoris’s approach to providing dental care is simple.  He starts with listening. Everyone has a story to tell…what he or she has experienced in the past, what is going on presently, and perhaps a vision for his or her dental future.

A comprehensive examination follows, where everything is looked at and evaluated, the good and the “not-so-good”.

Appropriate diagnostic records and tests are performed and clinical findings are noted.  Options for treatment are determined.  At this point, a treatment plan may be discussed, or if more time is needed to study the situation, a follow-up consultation will be scheduled.

The treatment planning conversation with Dr. Kosoris is what really sets us apart.  Have you ever left a doctor’s office confused about what was discussed or recommended?  Did you wonder if there was another option to treat a given condition?

Dr. Kosoris will be sure you understand your oral health situation and review every option for anything requiring treatment.  You will be advised as to cost, time, prognosis, and any uncertainties that may be associated with a given treatment.  This information will be discussed for all options to enable you to make the appropriate choice for treatment based on your personal preferences…an easy, no pressure, friendly conversation. 

Lastly, every effort will be made to plan and phase treatment to fit your individual needs such as timing, sequencing, and budget.

Jeff Kosoris, DDS, FAGD


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