Our practice provides a very wide range of services with a special emphasis on restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and facial pain therapy. Dr Kosoris allows a large amount of time for a new patient examination to be sure a patient’s wants, needs, and past experiences are discussed to formulate a personal treatment plan to fit the patient’s time, budget, and desired outcome. Dr Kosoris will offer his patients all available options to treat a given condition….you won’t have to worry about a potential treatment method that does not get mentioned, and the practice is an excellent resource for a “second opinion” for patients either confused or unhappy about what they may have been told elsewhere.

A few highlights are described below, since a complete treatment list would be far too long.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry embraces many aspects of dental care, such as cosmetic tooth shaping, tooth-colored (mercury-free) fillings, esthetic crowns and bridges, natural looking implant restorations, and removable full and partial dentures.  There are many choices in the types of dental materials used and the design of a restoration to restore damaged or missing teeth to achieve a pleasing cosmetic result. 

Whitening of teeth is a common procedure in our practice and we employ two different protocols, the patented “Deep Bleaching” system of whitening as well as the more familiar “home bleaching” process, depending on personal preference and desired results. Cosmetic treatment may be as simple as smoothing a chipped tooth to designing a totally new look.  Treatment often involves the gums as well to improve health of the tissue around the teeth and create attractive symmetry to “frame” the smile and create a healthy image.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry refers to treatment designed to restore function and comfort to a problem situation.  Such treatment includes fillings to restore decayed or broken teeth, a crown (cap) to cover a tooth that has broken down too much for a filling, replacement of lost teeth, endodontic therapy (root canal fillings) to treat an infected tooth, and so on.  As mentioned above, there is a large overlap between restorative and cosmetic dentistry, since, while restoring a person’s mouth to a healthy condition, we want it to look great as well! 

Facial Pain Therapy

Facial pain is a common condition, often related to clenching and grinding the teeth, resulting in muscle spasm, problems with the TMJ’s (jaw joints) and the occlusion (the “bite”-how the teeth fit together.)  There may be many other conditions that can cause pain and Dr. Kosoris has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating them.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Several options exist for missing tooth or teeth replacement.  The most ideal is generally the use of dental implants, which provide artificial tooth roots to support a crown, bridge, or removable appliance such as a full or partial denture.  For some applications,  miniature (“mini”) dental implants offer an alternate to conventional larger implants at a lower cost.  Of course non-implant alternatives are quite common and include bridges, removable partial dentures and full dentures. Missing teeth often result in shifting of the other teeth, bite changes,  and possible painful effects on the jaw joints.

General Dentistry

General dentistry is an all-inclusive term that actually includes all the above and much more.  Dentistry can be extremely simple or incredibly complex.  Dr. Kosoris’s practice definitely includes many, many procedures not detailed above…and he maintains an excellent network of specialists should a given condition demand a dental specialist for a specific therapy and the most ideal result; specialists are most commonly recommended for extensive surgical problems, elaborate gum disease or cosmetic gum surgery, particular root canal problems, and orthodontics. 


For patients interested in sedation dentistry, the office uses light sedation in the form of nitrous oxide inhalation (“laughing gas”) and a deeper level of sedation (“oral sedation”) in the form of certain oral medications.  For those patients interested in deeper sleep, such treatment can be arranged by having an anesthesiologist at the appointment to provide intravenous sedation. 

Prevention and Dental Hygiene

Our practice is committed to providing our patients with what they need to know for their home care and prevention practices to minimize future dental problems.  The most common dental condition by far is gum disease…which is very treatable in all but the most advanced stages; good preventive home care will minimize future disease progression or maintain a healthy condition.  Gum disease can affect other areas of the body due to bacterial infection, and our two dental hygienists are well trained in recognition and treatment of gum disease to improve overall health, as well as providing oral care instruction and hygiene aids for improving plaque removal.  In short, we want to get you healthy and keep it that way!  Our hygienists use ultrasonic instruments to remove infected deposits from the teeth and a topical anesthetic gel is employed to keep you comfortable during treatment.

Dental Sleep Appliances


Sleep Medicine is a relatively new aspect of dental therapy and refers to the use of a dental appliance to reduce or eliminate snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea. There are a variety of appliances available, and they work by advancing the lower jaw in a forward position to keep the airway open during sleep.  While "CPAP" machines are considered to be the "gold standard" for apnea treatment, many patients find the device to be intolerable to wear during sleep.  Dr. Kosoris prefers an appliance that allows freedom of movement of the lower jaw instead of types that hold the jaw rigidly and can create problems with the jaw joints. By keeping the airway open snoring is greatly reduced or eliminated, and people that stop using their CPAP machines are able to avoid the potential life-threatening danger of untreated sleep apnea.    

Jeff Kosoris, DDS, FAGD


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