Cosmetic Dentistry


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Cosmetic dentistry embraces many aspects of dental care, such as cosmetic tooth shaping, tooth-colored (mercury-free) fillings, esthetic crowns and bridges, natural looking implant restorations, and removable full and partial dentures.  Our practice offers you various options in the types of dental materials used and the design of a restoration to restore damaged or missing teeth in order to achieve your desired cosmetic result. Cosmetic treatment may be as simple as smoothing a chipped tooth to designing a totally new look. Treatment often involves the gums as well to improve health of the tissue around the teeth and create attractive symmetry to “frame” the smile and create a healthy image.

Another aspect of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. Whitening of teeth is a common procedure in our practice and we employ two different protocols: the patented “Deep Bleaching” system of whitening as well as the more familiar “home bleaching” process. Dr. Kosoris will work with you to determine the best approach for your aesthetic goals, customizing a treatment plan based on your personal preference and desired results.