Facial Pain


Your Smile should feel as good as it looks

Facial pain is another common condition requiring dental therapy for optimal healing. This discomfort is often related to clenching and grinding the teeth, tooth wear and tooth loss, resulting in muscle spasms, problems with the TMJ’s (jaw joints) and the occlusion (the “bite”-how the teeth fit together.)  Many other conditions may be causing your pain, and Dr. Kosoris has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating these chronic concerns.

Treatment varies, but often involves repositioning the jaw properly by wearing a nighttime appliance (“nightguard”) to separate the teeth and relax the muscles, and adjusting improper tooth contacts to restore balance to the bite. Other potential restorative procedures may be necessary as part of the treatment. It is important to note that over-the-counter (or internet-purchased) appliances are rarely effective and may cause worsening of symptoms.