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Jeff Kososis, DDS, FAGD

Jeff Kososis, DDS, FAGD

Dr. Jeff Kosoris moved to Waxahachie and opened his office in 1982 after graduating from Baylor College of Dentistry near the top of his class in 1981 and associating with a practice in Dallas. Within a few years he had earned Fellowship status in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) and completed the curriculum at the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education in Florida. Every year he attends numerous continuing education courses and after completing the Advanced Restorative Series and Masters Series of the Center for Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry in Dallas, has become a member of the Teaching Faculty there. He has twice served as President of the Sixth District Dental Society and held numerous other positions, has been a delegate to the Texas Dental Association policy meetings, and is a member of the American Dental Association.  

He has been voted by his peers in an annual survey to the Texas Monthly Super Dentist listing from 2008 through 2018 in the general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry categories. The vote is conducted, anonymously, through an independent media company that annually asks licensed Texas dentists, “If you were in need of dental treatment who would you call?” He also stays current with professional developments and techniques by attending an average of 80+ hours of continuing education and reading countless journals and on-line dental educational content every year.

Dr Kosoris is married to the former Susan Schliep of Waxahachie. Together they have raised 3 sons, Justin, Kevin, and Daryl (“D.J.”), and now are enjoying their 2 beautiful grandchildren, Charlie and Eloise. Susan has been a part of the practice for many years working at the business and IT side of the practice, and the boys have helped out there a bit over the years but none, it appears, will be following in their father’s footsteps into dentistry. Justin is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and earned a masters degree at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT Austin, with a two year stint in the Peace Corps in Senegal, Africa, in between schools. He lives and works in Washington, D.C., traveling often as his work takes him overseas regularly. Kevin is a practicing lawyer in Waxahachie at the firm of Willett, Wray, and Stouffer.  He  attended law school at SMU in Dallas after graduating from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va. He is married to the former Samantha Meade of Waxahachie who teaches 2nd grade at Northside Elementary in Waxahachie. DJ lives in Dallas, working in the shipping business with Rohlig Logistics and has developed expertise in domestic and international shipping using a variety of transportation modes.

Susan is very active in local civic endeavors, serving for many years on the Board of the SPCA, Junior League, Symphony Association, the YMCA, and is active in several local clubs and charitable causes. Dr. Jeff volunteers at The Ellis County SPCA, Hope Clinic, Waxahachie Lions Club & Historic Waxahachie. He spends his spare time with family, vacationing and enjoys art, basketball, tennis and bicycling.

Since moving to Waxahachie in 1983, Dr Kosoris has been a very active member of the community. He is a longstanding member of the local Lions Club, having held nearly every club office including President and served on its Board for many years. He is a past volunteer and Board member of the Waxahachie Symphony Association, a past fundraiser for the YMCA, and helps to support many causes as a member, volunteer, or sponsor for local events and organizations. He is most proud of balancing work with family time, having coached over 50 athletic teams for his sons, ranging from soccer, baseball, football, and basketball over the years in various leagues.

In 2000, Dr Kosoris helped organize the Hope Clinic in Waxahachie, a health care facility serving the indigent and medically underserved population of Ellis County. After serving as a volunteer dentist for several years, he joined the Governing Board and was voted Board President during his first term, a position he held for 7 more years. The Clinic grew tremendously and Dr Kosoris oversaw expansion of the Clinic to a second building and was instrumental in developing the design of the new facility. Dr. Kosoris capped a longstanding effort in conjunction with a local Congressman to expand the Clinic into Ennis, obtaining a medical office building to become the Hope Clinic of Ennis. After term limits to his Board service, he remained involved, serving as Dental Director for two more years. He counts his involvement with Hope Clinic as among the most meaningful experiences of his life.

He stays busy with family, and enjoys art, basketball, tennis and bicycling.

Our Philosophy

Dr. Kosoris’s approach to providing dental care is simple.  He starts with listening because we know that you have a story to tell - what you have experienced in the past, what is going on presently and your personal vision for your dental future. A comprehensive examination follows. Dr. Kosoris will conduct a thorough examination and evaluation of your dental situation including the good and the “not-so-good”. Appropriate diagnostic records and tests are performed and clinical findings are noted. Options for your personalized treatment are determined and discussed in order to achieve your dental health goals. If more time is needed to study the situation, a follow-up consultation will be scheduled.

The treatment planning conversation with Dr. Kosoris is what really sets our practice apart. Have you ever left a doctor’s office confused about what was discussed or recommended? Did you wonder if there was another option to treat a given condition? Dr. Kosoris will be sure you understand your oral health situation and review every option for anything requiring treatment. You will discuss fees, time, prognosis, and any uncertainties that may be associated with a given treatment. This information will be discussed to empower you to make the appropriate choice for treatment based on your personal preferences...an easy, no pressure, friendly conversation. Lastly, every effort will be made by our staff to plan and phase treatment to accommodate your individual needs such as timing, sequencing, and budget. From our front desk staff to our office manager and dental hygienists, our primary goal is to serve you and your dental health needs!

Our Practice

 Upon arrival at our office you will find that there will not be any long waiting time to see Dr. Kosoris and will find every member of the dental staff to be friendly and personable. You will meet Dr Kosoris right away and he and one of the dental assistants will begin the examination with a review of your health information provided on the form and any relevant details of medical, medication, and dental history.  After this conversation, the actual examination will consist of noting past dental restorations, present conditions of the teeth and soft tissues, oral cancer screening, and evaluation of jaw joint function and occlusion (the "bite" and fit of the teeth during function).  The doctor will perform full periodontal probing which details the condition of the gums, measuring 6 data points around each tooth, and evaluating the teeth for bone loss, mobility, bleeding of the tissues from infection, and any other clues providing insight to gauge the health of the gums.  This is a lot of information but it is gathered very efficiently. We are often told that this was “the most detailed examination I’ve ever had!”  

Dr. Jeff will then determine the appropriate x-ray images to fully inspect the bone, jaw joints, and teeth which will be obtained by state-of-the-art digital x-ray equipment which obtains the necessary images with minimal x-ray exposure. Once the images are obtained, Dr. Jeff will "put all the pieces together" and review any conditions needing some treatment to correct a given problem and provide options for you to consider. Any cosmetic concerns will also be discussed. Generally a plan of treatment will begin taking shape at the initial visit and any urgent needs will be prioritized. Sometimes treatment may need to be phased, a specialist may need to be consulted, or Dr. Jeff may need some time to do further study. Sometimes models of the teeth will be needed to enable him to do a more complete diagnosis or to construct a "mock-up" of a potential treatment or cosmetic correction. In situations like this a return visit for further consultation and decision making will be scheduled.