Prevention and Dental Hygiene


healthy smiles begin with healthy habits

Our practice is committed to providing our patients with what they need to know for their home care and prevention practices to minimize future dental problems.  The most common dental condition by far is gum disease, which is very treatable in all but the most advanced stages. Good preventive home care will minimize future disease progression or maintain a healthy condition. 

Gum disease is not just a matter of dental health but can actually affect other areas of the body due to bacterial infection. Our dental hygienists are well trained in recognition and treatment of gum disease in order to improve your overall health. Our practice employs ultrasonic instruments to remove infected deposits from the teeth and a topical anesthetic gel is employed to keep you comfortable during treatment. Our goal is not just to treat the trouble spots but to empower you with every tool needed for proper prevention, providing oral care instruction and hygiene aids for improving plaque removal. In short, we want to get you healthy and keep it that way!